2010 Highlights

Here are some comments from attendees about their experience at the 2010 Top Advisory Teams Summit:

“These conferences continue to improve-absolutely first class. We are bringing our Client Associates next year.”
          Harold Ellison, Merrill Lynch

“I have begun every week of the past 30 years with a thorough review of Barron's Magazine and now the Barron's Winner's Circle Top Advisory Teams Summit will provide me with a beginning for the next phase of my business development. Barron's has always been an integral part of my career development.”
          Samuel Spanos, Merrill Lynch

”The conference was a perfect balance between team and investment best practices.”
          T. Armstrong, Merrill Lynch

“One consistent comment I heard throughout the conference was that the Barron's Conference provide a “tipping point” for my practice and my business, my team to make a quantum leap forward.”
          Harold Ellison, Merrill Lynch

“A great 1st teams event!! It is truly the direction the industry is moving and the benefits of sharing best practices ideas outside the firms.”
          Lee Corey, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“I know of no other event that gives an advisor the opportunity to surround himself/herself with the best-of-the-best advisors in the country. If has raised my thinking about how to grow my business to a new level.”
          Ben Clark, UBS Financial