Top Independent Advisors Summit

March 23-25, 2011
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Comments from Attendees

"Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and thought you had a great mix of speakers and topics. You kept it moving and kept people engaged — congratulations."

Mag Black
Beverly Hills Wealth Management

"I really enjoyed catching up with people and leaning about their businesses. I thought the opening panel discussion was great and set a good tone for the event."

Mark E. Sear
Luminous Capital

"My sincere thanks to you and your team for organizing and putting on such a terrific event! As usual, I came away even more energized and enthused about the opportunities ahead. It was well worth the 6 hour flight!"

Thomas C. Myers
Brownson, Rehmus & Foxworth, Inc.

"As usual, you guys did a great, great job. It is my favorite 3 business days of the year. Thank you again for all your hard work and the enormous benefits these meetings provide."

Ronald D. Weiner, CFP®
RDM Financial Group, Inc.