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Because Barron’s is the most sophisticated magazine in its field, it is read by the most sophisticated investors in America, whether they’re investing their own money or others’. Barron’s helps readers to “See What Others Don’t” in the market, providing them with an accurate understanding of what happened in the markets last week coupled with insights into what’s likely to happen in the markets in the weeks to come. Barron’s arms these self-reliant readers to anticipate market events, not react to them. Here’s a look at Barron’s affluent, influential readers.

  • Key reader groups
  • —  Affluent individual investors
  • —  Institutional investors
  • —  Financial Advisors
  • —  Financial professionals
  • —  Senior corporate executives
  • 2 hrs. 2 min. average reading time
  • 97% took action upon reading editorial
  • 8 – average number of years reading Barron’s
  • Average PI: $255,000
  • Average HHNW: $2,891,000
  • Average value of HH securities: $2,845,000
  • Average # securities transactions: 46
  • 49% top management
  • 34% are financial advisors
  • 29% serve on a board of directors

Reader data source: Barron’s 2013 Print-Online-Mobile (POM) Study.

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