Media Kit
Print: Ad Specifications

Four-Color Advertising Material Requirements

Digital material required: PDF (preferred), Postscript (EPS). Go toNew Link 
 for step-by-step settings on creating a valid Dow Jones PDF.

Film is not accepted.

Color material is not accepted from AP AdSend.

Type Fonts: Include all screen and printer fonts with digital files. Try to avoid using style attributes offered in application tool bars. Use actual typefaces for best results. No multiple master (MM) fonts of any kind.

Provide all high-resolution scans in place.

File Transporting: CDs and DVDs are supported.

Proofs: Provide proofs for digital ads. If there is no proof supplied, the agency accepts the responsibility for the final print outcome. Screen ruling — Dow Jones outputs at 100 lines per inch. Round dots preferred. Dot gain — for best print results, compensate for 35% dot gain (tone value increase) in the midtone dot at 100 line screen.

Dot Size Requirements for 100 Line Screen

The following dot-size requirements compensate for newsprint dot gain (TVI):

Color Detail White Highlights Quartertone Midtone Shadow

Dow Jones/Barron's limits the use of 100% cyan, magenta, and yellow in two- and three-color combinations. All areas containing 100% ink coverage over one inch in size must be screened back to a maximum of 90%.
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