Media Kit
Print: Ad Specifications

Color Quality Reminders

Maximum Color Density: 220%. Two secondary colors should not exceed 90% each. Single colors not intended to print solid should not exceed 80%. For optimum results use Under Color Removal (UCR) or Gray Component Replacement (GCR) when preparing files.

Maximum Four-Color Black: 80% black, 40% cyan, 20% magenta, 20% yellow.

Text & Graphics: Type should only be surprinted in areas having tint values of 30% or less. Four-color reverses should not be smaller than 18 point and should be reversed out of areas having at least 70% tone value in black, magenta, or cyan. Remove all colors under reverse to avoid registration problems.

Unsharp Masking: Printing may soften dots. When the subject matter permits, unsharp masking should be considered.

Closing Times: If the advertiser wishes to see an advance digital proof, material deadline is 14 days prior to insertion or 7 days if the advertiser does not require a proof.

Modes of Material Submission

Black and White Only
AP Adsend (1.800.223.7363)
Code for Dow Jones is MACHI

Color Materials Only
Disk with match proof to the following NEW address:

Dow Jones & Company
Advertising Services
4300 North Route 1
Building 5, 3rd Floor
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Phone: 609.520.7902
Fax: 866.827.1631

AP Adsend color transmission prohibited due to conflict in color specifications.

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