Media Kit
Print: Ad Specifications

Black & White Advertising Material Requirements

Digital Material for Black & White at 100 Line Screen Output

• The expected dot gain is 35% at the midtone dot. The preferences file should reflect this amount of gain at the scan or adjusted from within photo editing software such as Photoshop.

• Required format for black & white graphics is Grayscale (@ 200 dpi) or B&W Bitmap (@ 1,016 dpi).

• Fine lines and serifs should not be less than .006 inches in thickness.

• We recommend that all solid reverses be a maximum of 85% black.

• No color formats accepted for black & white.

• No multiple master (MM) fonts of any kind.

Digital materials: PDF (preferred), Postscript (EPS). Go to for step-by-step settings on creating a valid Dow Jones PDF.

Specular/non-detail whites
Minimum highlight dot
Quarentine dot
Midtone Dot
Shadow Dot
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