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Half-Page Spread

Spread materials must be supplied as two individual pieces. Please do not send one piece for a two-page spread. All live matter must be kept ¼” inside dimension on all four sides. Barron’s will not be responsible for any live matter placed outside the safety.

We will only accept the PDF/X1a format. Native application files not accepted. PDF/X1a is a subset of Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF/X1a stands for PDF exchange 1a. The “1” means that it is a blind exchange document — all fonts and images are embedded, and “a” is the variant of PDF/X1 that was ISO accredited; ISO Standard: ISO 15930-1:2001.

Follow SWOP specifications for material and proofing. Total dot density of 300, plus three SWOP color proofs with color bars (i.e., Iris or Kodak approvals). SWOP specifications guidelines are available here.

All fonts and images are embedded. All elements are encoded as CMYK, spot for Device N. They may not be encoded as three-art color spaces such as RGB or CIELab. The MediaBox and TrimBox or ArtBox are defined. Trap must be indicated as on or off, alerting the printer to the condition of the document. The printing condition characterized (such as SWOP) through use of an output condition identifier. PDF/X1a resolves many issues associated with basic PDF as a format for file exchange.

Color: All rates are for four-color advertising.

Guaranteed Positions: Selected guaranteed pages or positions in Barron’s Penta, when available, are 15% additional.


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